Q8: Can a musician submit more than 1 music video?

Yes. There is no restriction to the number of music video a contestant can submit.

Q9: Does the contestant have to pay anything?

No. It is free to join this contest. 

Q10: Can I get my friends, family and supporter to buy the h-NFTs?

There is no restriction on who can buy the h-NFTs.  In fact, you are encouraged to get your friends and people you know to support you.

Q11: How will winners be decided?

Winners will be deciding via the votes they get.  The contestant with the most votes will be the winner.

Q12: How does the voting work?

Marvion will mint h-NFTs for the contestants.  Each h-NFT is priced at US$1 and voting is defined as the most h-NFT sold.  To illustrate, if Music Video A has 10 h-NFT sold while Music Video B has 2 h-NFT sold, Music Video A will be the winner.

Q13: When will each supporters get their hNFT?

They will receive the hNFT in their digital wallets after the MMM Winner is announced on 4th Mar 22

Q14: What is the timeline for the competition?

17th Jan 22: Deadline for submission of 1 minute introduction video

31st Jan 22: Deadline for submission of final video (day before CNY)

15th Feb 22: Voting opens

1st Mar 22: Announce Top 3 finalists

2nd Mar 22: Final voting (via token) opens allowing the community to give their favourite artist one final push

4th Mar 22: Winner from Top 3 announced

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