Q1: How much does the MMM hNFTs cost?

Each MMM hNFT costs BNB 0.02 (about US$10) .

Q2: Who pays for the minting of the hNFTs? Do the contestants have to pay?

All minting costs are paid by Marvion. The contestants do not have to pay anything.

Q3: How do I buy a MMM hNFT?

During the voting period from 15th Feb 22 to  2nd Mar 22, you may buy the MMM hNFTs by transferring BNB 0.02 to the dedicated digital wallet of the contestant that you support.  You will receive the hNFTs in your digital wallets after the MMM Winner is announced on 4th Mar 22.

Q4: What cryptocurrencies can I use to buy the MMM hNFTs? Can I use other cryptocurrencies other than BNB?

No.  As the MMM hNFTs will be minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we only accept BNB.

Q5: Why am I not getting the hNFT file at the point of purchase and only after 4th Mar 22?

This is because we intend to include special bonuses and interviews with the contestants in the hNFT.  As some of these materials will only be ready after the MMM Winner is announced, hence the timeline for the delivery of your hNFTs is determined by that.

Q6: What can I do with the hNFTs?

Based on the rights assigned the the hNFT, you will be able to enjoy it akin to any media file.  Apart from that, you can resell it at any other NFT platforms.  If there is strong demand for your MMM hNFT, you may even reap a small profit by reselling it to other fans.

Q7: Can I buy more than 1 hNFTs and can I support more than 1 contestant?

There is no limit to how many hNFTs you can buy.  These is also no limit to the number of contestants you can support.

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